The Clubhouse, Goodyear, AZ

The Clubhouse Apartments is a housing facility and development center provided for a professional major league baseball team for spring training. The project is located directly across from the team’s spring training facility.

The project is a (4) four-story, 60,000 SF building that includes 39 (2) two bedroom units and (2) two studios. The facility was designed to integrate the baseball team’s culture and enhancing the development of the players during their training. The facility features a large multifunctional common area that generates a clubhouse feeling, a very important space for the professional players to relax and unplug. Other amenities include conference, meeting space, café, nutrition station and a game room.

Supplemental amenities include outdoor pool, BBQ cooking area, covered outdoor lounge area, ground level single car parking garages and storage spaces.

This project is completed.