• April 13, 2022
Our Design Process - DesignCell Architecture

DesignCell aims to achieve an optimal balance between budget and vision on all of our hospitality, multi-family and commercial design projects. To do this, we combine years of experience and expertise with the most advanced tools and software on the market.

Throughout every stage of the project—from research and site planning to construction documentation and construction assistance—we use advanced technology to ensure accuracy, speed, cost containment and a smoother construction process, all while keeping our clients informed throughout the design process.

For instance, we utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools to create and manage all of the information for both design and construction. BIM enables us to design in the cloud, integrating multiple data sets to produce a digital rendering of a building throughout the project lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operations.

Watch this video to learn about our design process, step-by-step, and how advanced tools like BIM help to ensure quality, timeliness and efficiency.