• September 5, 2019
DesignCell Architecture Leadership Program, Discover Yourself, Inc

DesignCell team members from the Las Vegas office, along with two representatives from the Lithuania office, recently completed a Leadership Training and Team Building program through Discover Yourself, Inc. DesignCell sponsored the training program for employees as part of our ongoing commitment to the personal and professional development of our staff.

The half-day Insights Discovery session leveraged individual personality profiles of the attendees to identify personality types and communication styles and give employees a better understanding of themselves and others.

Thomas Wyatt, senior project manager at DesignCell Architecture, explains why this training was important for the employee culture at DesignCell. “The course helped me understand those I work with and how we can more effectively work together to make our office more productive and enjoyable. It gave me perspective to appreciate those that are different from myself, and that having a diverse team working together makes us better equipped to find solutions,” said Wyatt. “One of the most appreciated insights was the concept that traits that might not naturally be strong can be ‘spiked’ up or down when needed.”

DesignCell architecture promotes a corporate culture that encourages, supports and invests in the personal and professional development of our employees. We believe in providing opportunities for our team members to develop and refine their skills in order to foster growth and career advancement.