• August 31, 2016

DesignCell Architecture, a leader in the design of limited-service and extended-stay hotels, celebrates the construction completion and opening of a new Las Vegas, Marriott Residence Inn.  The hotel is located off of Las Vegas Boulevard South of the strip at Robindale Road. The new hotel is near Interstate 15 and Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall South.  The new facility is a four-story, wood construction hotel designed to achieve Marriott standards for the Residence Inn brand. The new hotel possesses 100,000 SF and includes 131 rooms. The project was originally planned for 108 rooms, however, DesignCell optimized the site configuration finding wasted space which was then translated into 23 additional rooms for the developer.

The site location is also near an equestrian neighborhood. DesignCell worked with the developer to blend the new hotel in with the residential neighborhood at the request of the Clark County Commissioner. DesignCell recommended the used of the new Marriott Gen 9 Prototype drawings for the interior design, while using the pitched roof style Gen 8 exterior to satisfy the Commissioner’s request.